Rebel Chicken

Opening Times
Sunday – TuesdayCLOSED
Wednesday – Thursday12pm – 11pm
FridaySaturday: 12pm – 1am
Casual DiningBurgersMeatyBritish££

0121 554 0177
5, 19 Pitsford St, Birmingham B18 6LJ
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Why we love it

Rebel Chicken might have only entered the Birmingham food scene in 2018, but they’ve already made their mark on the map. And it’s all down to their dedication to do one thing well: chicken.

This isn’t your usual chicken and chips joint. Rebel Chicken have spent a lot of time practicing the art of preparing and serving chicken to maximise its flavour and textures - and we think they’ve mastered it. “How?”, we here you ask. Well, here’s the process behind their ‘No Nonsense Chicken’. First, the Rebel Chicken team get the ball rolling by steaming the chicken, sealing in tonnes of flavours and keeping things tender. Next, they marinade it using a selection of different rubs and sauces, depending on what dish you order. Finally (and this is our favourite bit), it’s finished on a bespoke-built charcoal rotisserie, using coal important from Cuba and Sweet Cherry wood. The result: a succulent chicken (available in whole, half or quarter portions) with a “charred to perfection” finish.

Aside from their whole chicken dishes, the Rebel Chicken team also serve up buttermilk chicken burgers, wings, and a hearty caesar salad, alongside a sly beef burger (made with 28 day aged Chuck Steak & Short-Rib mince). There’s also a handmade falafel burger for anyone cutting out the meat.

It’s not just the food that’s a winner here. Rebel Chicken’s effortless cool venue has also made this spot a must-visit destination. Inside, they’ve given their restaurant this minimalist yet unpretentious look, with crumbling brickwork walls, rough and ready wooden tables and a mix-match of vintage chairs. There are no distractions and no gimmicks; the place is laid-bare to draw attention to one thing and one thing only - the quality of the food. But outside, things go a little different; in the courtyard area, the Rebel Chicken team have built the ultimate sun-trap and dropped a party atmosphere straight into it. With enough space for 120 people to kickback with a beer and tuck into grub, the space gets buzzy from early evening onwards. They even have their own in-house DJs spinning tracks on regular nights.

Rebel Chicken’s no nonsense approach makes this whole restaurant thing look easy. But under their cool demeanour and laid-back vibe, we know there’s a hardworking and passionate team running things behind the scenes. They do a lot to ensure everything is spot on for their guests, from the food to the general atmosphere. If you haven’t stopped by yet, go and show your respects - it’ll knock your socks off.


Order half a No Nonsense Chicken.
The charred corn is 100% the best side.
Don’t leave without taking a gander at their bar - that’s an order.