Rajdoot Tandoori

Opening Times
Monday – Friday12pm – 2pm
Monday – Saturday6pm – 11pm
Sunday6pm – 10:30pm

0121 236 1116
78-79 George St, Birmingham B3 1PY
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Why we love it

For over 50 years, Rajdoot Tandoori has been guarding the gateway to Brimingham’s plush Jewellery Quarter as a fortress of fine food inspired by North Indian cuisine. It might sit in the centre of the city, but Rajdoot have set a unique scene that transports you to the heart of North India; the walls are patterned in bright block colours and adorned in ancient works of art, including delicate sculptures, and elegant paintings. Lanterns hang from the ceilings, displaying rainbows of their glowing patterns on the ceilings and walls. It’s sophisticated yet convivial; a relaxed spot that merges the best of fine dining in a casual atmosphere.

The chefs here know a thing or two about North Indian eats. In fact, they’ve learnt all the tricks of the trade in Indian, giving them first hand access to exceptional spices, outstanding produce and the use of traditional cooking methods. Bring all this to the UK, Rajdoot are known to offer an unrivalled experience, with artfully created dishes cooked in clay ovens with a fine balance of herbs and spices. You can find all your old favourites here: chicken jalfrazi, saag paneer, and king prawn masala. Marry any of these with their in-house baked naan and a side of pilau rice and you’re in for a real treat.

But it’s not just the Wriggle gang that enjoy stopping by. The Rajdoot team have tales to tell of the rich and famous that have stopped by. The likes of Keith Floyd, Princess Maragret and The Beatles have been called out as Rajdoot fans, and Simon Cowell and Jamie Oliver have also been known to stick their head in.

This timeless institution ticks every single box when those curry house cravings kick in. Do yourself a favour and pay Rajdoot a visit.


Always grab a side of Tarka Dal.
For hot heads, it's got to be the lamb chilli bhuna.
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