Purnell's Restaurant

Opening Times
Sunday – MondayCLOSED
Wednesday – Friday12pm – 4.30pm (last orders: 1.30pm)
Saturday12pm – 4.20pm (last orders: 2pm)
Tuesday – Friday7pm – 1am (last orders: 9pm)
Saturday6.30pm – 1am (last orders: 9.30pm)
Award Winning Food & DrinkMeatySeafoodDessertRestaurants££

0121 212 9799
55 Cornwall Street, Birmingham, B3 2DH
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Why we love it

Michelin starred Birmingham chef Glynn Purnell established Purnell’s in mid-2007 as a space to showcase his bold and innovative approach to cooking. The result is a widely renowned and award winning restaurant that pushes the boundaries of fine dining to present the ultimate in gourmet adventures.

The team of chefs introduce an array of flavour profiles and textures to each dish through their meticulously construction of plates. Dishes are nimbly prepared balancing acts that highlight the vibrancy of fresh, seasonal ingredients in all its forms. Taste and visual appeal lie on an equal footing, creating an unrivalled and rather magical dining experience. It’s hard not to hesitate for a second or two before diving a fork, knife or spoon into the plate and deconstructing these edible artworks one mouthful at a time.

For those who want to understand what Purnell’s is all about, you’d be wise to order “A Purnell’s Journey Menu” - a curated list of eats, hand picked by their passionate team of chefs. This journey takes you through the very best of Purnell’s savoury (think Creedy Carver duck breast, and monkfish Masala) and sweet (the mango bavarios is a thing of beauty) eats, that’ll leave you feeling fully satisfied. Their Brummie Tapas Menu (served in their laid-back Living Room) is also one to check out, featuring an array of smaller plates that reflect Purnell’s wider vision of food and cookery, whilst harnessing the best ingredients of any particular season.

Innovative, imaginative and truly exciting, Purnell’s is on the forefront of the modern fine dining scene. Make sure you lock in a table ASAP!


Head here for "A Purnell's Journey" menu.
For something more casual, check out the Brummie Tapas.
Always talk to the team for recommended wine pairings.