Pig & Apple

Opening Times
Monday – Friday8.45am – 7pm
Saturday8:45am – 8pm
Sunday9.45am – 6pm

Grand Central, 68A E Mews, Birmingham, United Kingdom
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Why we love it

If, like us, you crave a roast every day then you’re in luck - the Pig and Apple are connoisseur of roasted meats, yorkshire puddings and piping hot potatoes. But we’re not talking about a meat and two veg affair. The Pig and Apple team have taken traditional elements of our favourite weekly eat and turned it into the ultimate treat. The menu reads like something from our wildest dreams: soft yorkshire pudding wraps filled with tender roast pork, apple sauce, stuffing and gravy; hot baguettes overflowing with roast beef, stuffing, gravy and a spicy smudge of horseradish; racks of coleslaw and fluffy roast potatoes. They even serve their very own pork scratchings with a choice of spicy, barbecue and original flavours.

And what goes better with pork than a cider? The Pig and Apple have a great selection of apple-based libations. The fridge is stocked with a few different bottles (offering both dry and sweet varieties), as well as their staple Pure Cider from Purity on tap. During the winter months, they also get a batch of mulled cider on the go to warm your cockles. But worry not beer drinkers - they stock a great selection of IPA Sessions and Lawless Lager on tap, so you aren’t being left out of the picture.

Pig and Apple are also the kings of convenience. Based in Grand Central’s food court, they’re at an easy to reach spot for anyone working in the heart of the city, or jumping on a train out of town. And with a quick takeaway service, there’s no time lost grabbing a bite and hitting the road. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Swing by Pig and Apple and get involved - you’ll think you’ve died and gone to pigging heaven.


This might be the only place you can get ice cream with a pork scratching toppings.
Always grab a side of roast potatoes.
Try the Mighty Meaty if you dare!

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Quick service for a Saturday lunch time. I had the turkey, stuffing and cranberry baguette which was alright. Stuffing was a little bit of a disappointment.


This is the first time we have tried Pig & Apple and we really enjoyed our visit. We both had a Roast Beef Yorkshire Pudding Wrap with a Side, Dip and drink for £9.95 each. The Wrap was certainly the tastiest part and you can choose whether you'd like stuffing and Horseradish in too. The sides we're okay, the cheesey mash (mash with grated cheese on top) tasted a lot better than it looked but we were a bit disappointed with the roast potatoes, they had no crunch that the best roasties have. The dips are massive (we chose gravy and cheese) and you will never finish them. Next time will will definitely have the Yorkshire Wrap again, maybe trying the pork or chicken options and maybe just 1 side. It's worth noting that they did also have an offer for the exact same offering in store for £10.


Simple ideas done really well. Put the gravy on everything!


The Yorkshire wrap was very nice


Their Yorkshire pudding wrap & Gravy was delicious, it was a Sunday dinner wrapped into one and with the cold weather, it was exactly what I fancied.


Although I can appreciate that the time I went was busy, a Saturday lunch time, the general experience wasn’t great. The lady serving me had never heard of Wriggle so my order was met with confusion at first! The food was average and although buying the wriggle made the meal deal I bought around 50p cheaper it wasn’t great value. Seating was very limited and cramped. Probably wouldn’t bother returning.