Opening Times
Tuesday – Thursday12pm – 9pm
Friday – Saturday12pm –11pm
Sunday12pm – 6pm
Casual DiningPizzaBeer££

4 Woodbridge Road, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8EJ
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Why we love it

The food scene in Moseley has just kicked it up a notch, thanks to the introduction of Peacer - your new neighbourhood pizza shop.

Inspired by New York pizza joints, Peacer serves a bountiful selection of pizzas by the slice. Each slice starts its life as a 20” pizza made by owners Dann and Jack, who create perfectly balanced dough in-house using a slow fermentation process. They even go as far as to make their own sauce, which is equally rich, sweet and herby. Once the pizzas have risen to the challenge and are fired off, the carving process begins, ensuring its divided equally into perfectly sized slices; thin and wide-brimmed with a delicately blistered crust, each slice is the perfect shape to hold in your hand, with the base supporting the weight of the toppings with ease.

To ensure each slice offers something a little different, Peacer’s pizzas are made to meet flavour profiles, with cheesy, tangy, garlicky, smokey and spicy pizzas forming the basis of their operations. The toppings themselves are set to change regularly (with Southern spiced halloumi and hot honey being just a couple of ingredients featured) with every option 100% vegetarian and at least one vegan option on the cards.

While you’re there, you’re going to want to check out their beer line-up too. When we stopped by they had cans of Juice Springstein from ABC, the Millionaire Stout by Wild Beer Co., Black Iris’ East Midlands pale ale, and pilsner from Magic Rock Brewery. They also had the formidable Lazy Boy lager by Tiny Rebel on tap, a light, easy-drinking lager that hits the spot every time. And if wine is more your thing, there’s a neat little selection of whites and reds by the glass (the Can do Sil is our personal favourite).

Whether you’re based in Moseley or live elsewhere, Peacer is right up your street. Get involved and grab a slice of the action.


The Tangy Slice with blue cheese, spring onions, and homemade Buffalo sauce is a winner.
Like it hot? Add lashings of Pip’s Hot Sauce for a fiery treat.
Ask the guys what beers they've got in if you want to try something new.