Otoro Sushi

Opening Times
Monday – Saturday10am – 5.30pm
RestaurantsCasual DiningSushiSeafood££

Indoor Market, 50 Edgbaston St, Birmingham B5 4RQ
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Why we love it

Birmingham Indoor Market is known as the place to go if you’re looking for the freshest ingredients, locally sourced produce and rare world food products. It’s a hive of activity, where eager foodies, keen cooks and top chefs hangout, source inspiration and pick up some quality eats. But amongst the food and drink that’s on hand to purchase and cook at home, there’s also one of the freshest sushi joints in town - Otoro Sushi.

They might be hidden away amongst the wealth of vibrant food Birmingham Indoor Market has to offer, but Otoro Sushi is far from a secret haunt; almost from the day of its inception, this food joint has been satisfying the taste-buds of locals and city-trippers alike with their high-quality sushi made from fresh, well-sourced ingredients.

You’ll find everything you love right here: vibrant mixes of rich salmon nigiri, crisp makizushi, and tender tuna sashimi line the menus, available in servings of all shapes and sizes. Their small stall gives you an opportunity to watch the itamae in action; Otoro’s chefs work their blades with a great level of attention to great some of the most visually stunning as well as perfectly balanced morsels of sushi on the market.

And, as if we needed proof that the team here are passionate about the art of sushi, the name Otoro itself is directly related to their craft. In a nutshell, Otoro refers to a cut of fish taken from the underbelly of a tuna. It’s known as one of the more desirable cuts of fish, with it’s quality graded by the marble effect that runs through the steak. Now you know.

Otoro Sushi’s reputation is well deserved. So, if you think you really need an excuse to make Birmingham Indoor Market a weekly hangout, then this is it.


We can't stop ordering the Itamae Set.
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Don't forget that all important Miso soup.