Mount Fuji (Birmingham)

Opening Times
Monday – Saturday11.30am – 9pm
Sunday11.30am – 7pm

0121 633 9853
Mount Fuji, Moor Street Queensway, Birmingham B5 4BH
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Why we love it

You don’t need hiking boots and a few days of supplies to visit this Mount Fuji - situated within the Bull Ring, this is one easy to access destination that packs a mountainous range of authentic Japanese dishes inside it’s low-key and intimate setting.

Amongst the chains that seem to dominate the area, this is one bright independent beacon on the landscape. And if you’re a big fan of Japanese cuisine, chances are this little spot is on your radar. Mount Fuji serve a little bit of everything: Bento boxes full of sticky rice, salmon fillets and marinated chicken; delicate pieces of sushi ranging from tender tuna sashimi to refreshing maki rolls; rich and warming ramen spiced with chilli oil and topped with steamy Gyoza. Everything is masterfully made using a great level of care and attention to detail, and packs in as much flavour as possible thanks to their dedication to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Up there with our favourites is the cod fillet and pork tonkatsu Bento: a mighty selection of eats including cod fillet soaked in a sweet & Sour sauce, pork tenderloin coated in crispy Japanese breadcrumbs, a range of Japanese vegetables, and a special selection of sushi pieces.

For real food adventurers looking for a whole new taste sensation, you’re going to want to get in on the desert action. They’ve compiled an intriguing list of their favourite desserts that merge both sweet and savoury bites into one dish. The Matcha Chiffon Cake is a particularly unique eat: handmade by the team on site, this includes a slice of Matcha (Japanese green tea) chiffon cake served with azuki (red beans) flavoured cream sauce, sprinkled with matcha powder.

Amongst a placid hub of chain eateries, Mount Fuji is a well loved and colourful destination. Its inspiring approach to serve home-cooked popular Japanese dishes and flavour combinations makes it a refreshing figure on Birmingham’s food scene. If it’s been on your list for far too long, now’s the time to swing by.


Be sure to try the Takoyako Dumplings.
Can you really beat a Chicken Katsu Bento?
Sushi fans need to get the Scallop Sashimi.