Ming Moon

Opening Times
Sunday – Thursday12pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday12pm – 11pm
RestaurantsCasual DiningNoodlesSeafoodCurryMeatySushi££

0121 622 5588
16 Hurst St, Birmingham B5 4BN
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Why we love it

If variety is the spice of life, then there’s nowhere more enticing than Ming Moon. As a pan-Asian buffet restaurant situated at the heart of the Chinese Quarter, Ming Moon has taken it upon itself to represent the wide range of eats and delicacies that you’ll find across the entire district. Its offerings are bountiful, with a large buffet section spanning through the centre of the venue full of hot savoury delights and cool sweet treats.

You know the deal - grab a plate and dive in. Ming Moon encourage you to sample a range of pan-Asian staples with different flavour profiles, including sweet chicken dishes, and rich beef in oyster sauce. On the whole, we think you’ll find all of your old favourites (who can resist their crispy spring rolls and delicate mushroom egg foo yung), but take this as an invitation to try something (like fried aubergine with minced pork and sea spice sauce, or steamed fish with ginger and soy sauce). They also have an endless selection of sushi, rolled fresh by their team of hardworking chefs on site.

And it doesn’t have to end at the feast. When the beers and colourful cocktails kick in, you might want to stick around to see what else Ming Moon have to offer: their 11 private karaoke rooms. These aren’t just 11 standard rooms with a screen and a handful of microphones; from Bollywood and ‘ninja’ to Gatsby and GB, each and every room has its own unique theme to get you in the mood for singing some classic hits. If rock is your cup of tea, get your sleeveless denim jacket on, tie and bandana around your and get ready to scream Sweet Child O’ Mine, because they have a room dedicated solely to the rock legends that are Guns & Roses (believe it or not).

Ming Moon is full of surprises and a chance to indulge in some favourite pan Asian dishes in a casual setting. But come hungry - it’s impossible not to stack your plate as high as Mount Emei!


If chicken wings are your thing, then you're in luck.
Who can resist beef with green peppers in black bean sauce.
The Blue Lagoon cocktail will liven up any night.