Milan Sweet Centre

Opening Times
Monday – Sunday9am – 8pm
Casual DiningCurrySweet Treat££

0121 449 1617
Milan Sweet Centre 191 Stoney Lane, Birmingham, B12 8HB
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Why we love it

Whether you’re in the market for samosas and kachori, or a sweet treat, you’ll find everything you need at Milan Sweet Centre. Seriously, this is the snack place of your wildest dreams, serving an almost endless selection of bites inspired by favourite flavours from far-flung corners of India.

There’s no prizes for guessing the main feature at Milan Sweet Centre - after all, the clues in the name. This place is always packed with more Indian sweets than we’ve ever seen. amongst the endless list, you’ll find some of our favourites: Gulab jamun, boondi ladoo, ras malai, and Fruit Shrikhand. If you know your Indian sweets, you’re guaranteed to find what you love, but if it’s a whole new world fear not - the team are on hand to guide you down the right path.

Amongst these sweet eats, you’ll also find shelves and fridges ladened with savoury delights. Biscuits, pakoras, bhajis and more are all on show. If you’re going to do it right, we recommend ordering as much as you can carry. Just to give you a hand, the stuffed potato bomb is our number one, with the aloo tikki coming in at a close second.

Curry is on the menu too, with a glorious selection of 100% vegetarian dishes available to takeaway. Everything’s made in-house by the team, which means that offerings change regularly due to availability of ingredients, however you can usually expect to find a warming dahl, some aloo gobi, and a fiery vegetable masala.

Milan Sweet Centre is a temple of food. Pay your respects and pencil in a visit ASAP.


Order a couple of stuffed potato bombs (or three... or four).
In need of something sweet? Get the gulab jamun.
The Paneer Tikka Masala is a crowd-pleaser.