Little Blackwood

Opening Times
Friday – Saturday9am – 1.30pm
Sunday9am – 12pm
Monday – TuesdayCLOSED
Wednesday – Thursday6pm – 9pm
Friday – Saturday6pm – 9.30pm
Sunday1pm – 3pm
Casual DiningRestaurantsSunday RoastMeatySeafood££

0121 449 6344
145 Alcester Road, Moseley Village Birmingham B13 8JP
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Why we love it

If you’re looking for a dinner spot with showstopping dishes, then Little Blackwood needs to go on your hit-list. This little haunt serves refreshing and inspired eats from its intimate and immersive home in Moseley Village.

The menu (carefully curated by Little Blackwood’s Chef Ben Taylor) is an inspired feast of creative seasonal dishes. To start, Ben Taylor picks dishes created to wake up your tastebuds; think ceviche with line-caught sea bass, and lightly warmed Italian burrata with a romanesque sauce. Then there are the mains - an array of fish, meat and vegetable dishes that showcase the very best of the time of year you stop by.

On Sundays, you’ll find the team serving their legendary roasts. The meat and vegetable options change on a weekly basis, but you can expect to find a selection of four main courses: two meat, one fish and one vegetarian. On our last visit, we were particular chuffed to find leg of lamb on the menu, served with a light yet crisp yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and a neat medley of late-summer vegetables.

For all of the dishes, the plating is simply stunning, achieved by marrying vibrant colours with the unique shapes of the seasonal ingredients to create a fine balancing act of bites. But it’s not just a level of aesthetics - the minimalist essence of each plate shows a delicate appreciation of how to best bring out or support flavour notes; nothing gets lost in the plate or the palate. There’s a real substance to their style, with appearance connected with the tastes and textures each dish presents.

Ingenuity, imagination and dedication makes a trip to Little Blackwoods truly memorable.


Be sure to get a roast date in your diary.
Order a Dutch Rose cocktail.
Don't forget a side of roast peas and pomegranate.