Laghi's Deli

Opening Times
Monday – Friday8am – 11.30pm
Saturday – Sunday10am – 11.30pm

0121 455 0660
22-24 lslington Row Edgbaston Birmingham B15 1LD
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Why we love it

Laghi’s Deli was born from owner Luca’s love for home-cooked Italian food and the joy that sharing food with others brings. It’s a passion that goes way back; Luca remembers standing on a stool when he was just four years old, and helping his mum to make all different types of pasta at the kitchen table. He might have outgrown the stool, but this enthusiasm lives on, and Luca keeps himself busy by making pasta on a daily basis for his very own award-winning restaurant - Laghi’s Deli.

The food here is something special, boasting a superb menu of Italian dishes. The aforementioned handmade pasta is our top pick every time, with the pasta alla norma (pasta with tomato sauce, fried aubergine and ricotta flakes) ticking all the right boxes. We’re suckers for a classic too, so the tagliatelle alla bolognese is always a winner. There's plenty of non-pasta based dishes to try too, including an extraordinary ratatouille with duck. High-quality ingredients sourced from Italian producers are rife throughout the menu, ensuring each dish is packed with genuine flavours and textures.

When it comes to pizza, Laghi’s Deli have a dedicated chef who creates Neapolitan style pizza freshly made to order. The length pizza menu brags an incredible selection from timeless classics like pepperoni and capricciosa, to more creative offerings such as the lumberjack (made with Taleggio cheese, mushrooms and speck) and their colourful Italian flag (with two types of mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and pesto).

For Luca, Laghi’s Deli restaurant evokes memories of ‘old Italy’ but with a modern twist - and you know what, we think the team have hit the nail on the head. Enjoy your meal with a glass of Italian wine or Spritz, and the dining experience isn’t far short from booking a flight to Italy.


You can grab a giant pizza to share as a starter.
The duck with gravy sauce, spinach pie and ratatouille is incredible.
Try the 'na biretta rossa - an Italian craft beer.