Kuula Poké

Opening Times
Monday – Friday7am – 7pm
Saturday11am – 5pm
RestaurantsSushiSeafoodCasual Dining££Takeaway

0121 236 7000
16a Colmore Row, Birmingham B2 5HU
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Why we love it

A refreshing wave washed over Birmingham when Kuula Poké opened its doors in early 2019, with its revitalising bowls of sunshine and creative attitude

Owner Felicity brought the Poké life to the heart of Birmingham after discovering the dish during her time in Los Angeles. After falling head over heels for every aspect of this hearty creation, she knew she needed to learn more, so headed to Hawaii (the home of Poké) to learn about the ingredients, textures and flavours that go into making. There, she learnt the secrets of what makes them so good, perfecting recipes and mastering the art of bringing together the vibrant colours of natural ingredients and their flavour profiles to create healthy, yet hearty meals. And her formula really hits the nail on the head - so much so that within just a few weeks of opening, Kuula Poké established a cult-like status and quickly became recognised as one of the most exciting food joints in the whole of Birmingham.

If you’re not exactly sure what Poké is, think of it as a singular bowl of the best ingredients around. We’re talking salmon sushi, ahi tuna, poached chicken or Huli Huli tofu stacked on top of superfood slaw, edamame beans, and hickory carrot. Layered on a bed of steamed sushi rice or noodles, it’s a bright and bold feast that will have you eating healthy food the right way. Everything is packed full of flavour, with options to build your own bowl from all the ingredients available, or to pick from a selection of house bowls.

They also turn out these out-of-this-world breakfast bowls. Rainbow coloured superfood acais, gluten-free granola, bircher, fresh fruits or organic smoothies are all up for grabs, topped off with mixed berries, almond butter and much much more. It’s a seriously good boost to start any day.

Kuula Poké is doing something completely unique for all the right reasons. Experience the best of healthy eating right here in the centre of Birmingham.


First visit? Grab the House Lomi Lomi Salmon Bowl.
If you're building your own bowl, make sure you add Wakame Seaweed.
The Dragon Fruit bowl is the ultimate breakfast.