Harborne Kitchen

Opening Times
Sunday – MondayCLOSED
Thursday – Saturday12pm – 3pm
Tuesday – Wednesday5.30pm – 11pm
Thursday – Saturday5.30pm – 11pm
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0121 439 9150
Harborne Kitchen 175 High Street, Harborne, B17 9QE
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Why we love it

Self-confessed purveyors of playful contemporary cuisine, the award-winning Harborne Kitchen is an ambitious spot, brimming over with exciting, innovative and inviting eats.

Their home in the suburbs of Harbone is hard to miss, with it’s large windowed frontage framed in bright blue panelling. If you’ve ever passed by, you’ll be more than aware of the feeling of being drawn in; of guaping into its interior and seeing its neatly laid-out tables, the long bar with its encumbered shelving, and their energetic open kitchen. It’s a simple yet heartfelt space, built with a sense of homeliness and warmth with its crisp wooden surfaces and uplifting blue walls.

Everything that leaves the kitchen is testament to the skill, dedication and passionate craftsmanship of the team. They take inspiration from a wide reaching variety of traditions, producers, and culinary practices to deliver a menu with diversity driven innovation at its very core. The outcome: dishes that Harborne Kitchen describe as alike to songs, taking you on a unique “sensory and emotional journey”; each dish brings its own “pleasures, its own qualities, its own mood”.

There are a few different ways to experience what Harborne Kitchen has to offer. For first-timers, we can’t recommend their ‘chosen’ menu enough: a harmonious selection of 6 – 8 courses, hand-picked by the hardworking team of chefs. This menu is guaranteed to give you an inspiring overview of everything Harborne Kitchen is about. But for those who prefer to do it their way, their ‘choice’ menu gives you more freedom to pick whatever takes your fancy from their line-up of seasonal dishes.

And if you want to keep things casual, you should definitely swing by for lunch when they serve a selection of drinks and a shorter snacks menu. We’re suckers for a small beer and their ox, gherkin and Old Winchester cheese sarnie that comes with a generous portion of fries.

Harborne Kitchen are continually pushing themselves, changing process and refining techniques - and that’s what makes them so good. Every visit is revitalising, and offers an insight into the minds of some of Birmingham’s best chefs. Get involved.


If you're heading for a casual lunch in the bar, we recommend getting the ox, gherkin, and Old Winchester cheese sarnie with fries.
The line caught Cod with roast hispi cabbage and Romesco sauce is something else.
Order a Harborne Kitchen Douglas Fir Gin & Tonic.