Ginger's Bar

Opening Times
Monday – Thursday12pm – 11pm
Friday12pm – 12am
Saturday12pm – 1am
Sunday12pm – 5.30pm

11 Newhall Street Birmingham B3 3NY
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Why we love it

Right round the corner from Glynn Purnell’s Michelin starred restaurant sits Ginger’s Bar, a dedicated cocktail bar in Prunell’s Bistro. A sophisticated setting, Ginger’s Bar emits an air of elegance, but thanks to its soulful soundtrack and plush seating, the atmosphere is convivial and laidback. Minimalist square stools stand fashionable by high tables, fuelling intimate conversations between guests; elsewhere, leather benches encourage patrons to sink into the experience as they lounge with cocktail glasses of all shapes and colours. It’s a classy spot that oozes opulence whilst remaining cool, calm and accessible.

Here, it’s all about the cocktails. Priding themselves on a high level of passion and knowledge, the Ginger’s Bar team take an inventive approach to mixology with contemporary twists on a classic line-up of drinks. Taking inspiration from some of our first edition cocktail books, some of which date back to 1923, the bar team will continually create and inspire you with their drinks, from simple refreshers to molecular masterpieces.

Their drinks menu is a mighty 20 pages long, so make sure you leave yourself enough time to study it properly. If you want to jump right in, then we can’t recommend the Botanist’s Sour enough: made with Langley’s Old Tom gin, house grenadine, lemon, violet, and egg White, it’s a crisp and refreshing gin that’s perfect for any time of day. You can’t go wrong with the Old Fashioned Plum Daiquiri either: Appleton Signature Rum, OVD Rum, maple, plum, lime, this isn’t either an Old Fashioned or a Daiquiri but it certainly hits the spot.

If you’re not sure what to order, put your cocktail in their hands - with an encyclopedic understanding of alcohol, flavour notes and presentation, the team will also knock up a cocktails that’ll hit the spot. Their spirit collection is next level too, with plenty of favourites standing shoulder to shoulder with hard to find and unknown spirits.

And if this all sounds a bit too cocktail-orientated for your, then don’t worry - they also stock a pile of world beers, curious local ales, a great wine list. You’ll be well looked after.

P.S. Come for a cocktail, but be sure to stick around for a bite to eat at Prunell’s Bistro.


Start with the Botanist’s Sour.
We're big fans of the Wolf Rock Red IPA.
Don't forget to supplement your drinks with a bite from the bar menu.