Gaijin Sushi

Opening Times
Monday – TuesdayCLOSED
Wednesday – Thursday5.30pm – 10pm
Friday5pm – 11pm
Saturday1pm – 11pm
Sunday12pm – 8pm
Casual DiningRestaurantsSushiSeafood££RestaurantsSushiSeafood££

0121 448 4250
78 Bristol St, Birmingham B5 7AH
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Why we love it

A trip to Gaijin Sushi is the promise of a front row seat to seeing a sushi mastermind work their magic first hand. In this intimate 10 cover restaurant, everyone dining accepts owner and sushi chef Michal Kubiak’s invitation to spectate the sushi making process from ribbed bamboo stalls that circumnavigate his kitchen area. It’s a brilliant place to perch; a prime opportunity to watch Michal’s artistry as his Japanese knives cut and shape fresh fish, turning them into delicate sushi plates.

Michal’s skills are nothing short of breathtaking. Having worked in various restaurants throughout his career, he’s spent time honing his skills with an unparalleled patience. So, when the time was right, Michal set of to start his own venture - and in 2018, Gaijin Sushi was born. Almost as soon as he opened the doors, Gaijin Sushi hit hard and within weeks, Jay Rayner even stopped by and gave it an absolutely stellar review in the Guardian. It didn’t take long for Gijin Sushi to develop a cult-like status, and now it’s almost always fully booked a week or so in advance.

And it’s not just Michal’s skills with a blade that has led to this incredible reputation. His dedication to sourcing the best ingredients from all over the world plays a huge part in its success. Everything served is so brightly coloured and visually stimulating, a sharp contrast to Gaijin Sushi’s monochrome and minimalist interior. The flavours absolutely pop, owing to the freshness of the ingredients selected and their quality. And when it comes to the plating, Michal has hit the nail on the head; there’s a beautiful balance of flavour profiles and textures, ensuring that there isn’t anything overpowering any particular plate. Each and every morsel is as good as the rest, and will definitely leave you eager to return.

Gaijin Sushi is unlike anywhere we’ve been too. Interactive, intimate and ingredient-driven, it’s a bountiful feast for all the senses.


Get a classic mix of Nigiri and Gunkan.
The soft-shell crab is outstanding.
Take the opportunity to ask Michal any burning sushi question.