Falafel Munch

Opening Times
Monday – Sunday11am – 10pm
TakeawayMezzeStreet Food£

640 Bristol Rd, Birmingham B29 6BJ
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Why we love it

If you need to get your vegan food fix stat, you’d better get yourself over the Falafel Munch. This takeaway joint sells some of our favourite fast-food vegan eats in town.

Offering falafel wraps, mezze boxes, tabouleh salad and hummus beiruty, Falafel Munch’s menu is inspired by hearty Middle Eastern eats; it’s a simple menu that leans on classic options, but that’s why we love it - after all, can you really beat a falafel wrap or pitta and hummus box? Vibrant salads of pickled cabbage, chillis, sliced lettuce and creamy hummus lines the space behind the counter. Beside them, falafel mix is scooped into balls before being fried to order, ensuring each and every piece is served piping hot and with a crunchy exterior and flakey smooth filling. It’s a slick operation from the Falafel Munch team, turning out some exquisite wholesome bites with a rhythmic pace.

But it’s not just the food that impresses - they also make great value fresh fruit juice to order. You can keep it straightforward with a simple orange, pear, apple or pineapple juice, but we recommend going in with a juice mix or smoothie. Their ‘Summer Breeze’ (a blend of apple, strawberry and banana) is the perfect sip on sunny days, and at the start of the colder months ‘The Immuniser’ (with strawberry, kiwi and pineapple) will keep you fighting fit. Refreshingly sweet and packed full of good stuff, you’re doing it all wrong if you leave Falafel Munch without one of these clenched in your mitts.

It’s good to note that whilst Falafel Munch was almost solely a takeaway joint in the past (with only a couple of benches outside to eat at), they’ve changed things up a little. Now, they’ve got a handful of stools lining the floor to ceiling windows at the front of the shop, offering a space for you to take a seat inside and tuck in.

Fast, friendly and full of your favourites - Falafel Munch is a winner all round.


Get a large falafel wrap with all the salads and sauces.
If you like it hot, the hummus Beiruty is for you.
The Zing Time fruit juice blend will give you a sharp kick.