Opening Times
Monday – Friday12pm – 2.30pm
Monday – Wednesday5.30pm – 10.30pm
Thursday – Friday5.30pm – 11pm
Saturday5pm – 11pm
Sunday5pm – 10pm

0121 200 2767
12-22 Newhall St, Birmingham B3 3LX
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Why we love it

If we were to use the word ‘remarkable’ to describe anywhere in Birmingham, Asha’s is the number one contender. Physically located at the heart of the city, it’s also become the heart of the modern Indian restaurant scene here in Birmingham, thanks to its innovative approach to traditional dishes and vibrant cocktails.

The way they cook and the dishes they serve has been passed down for generations. It all begins with the spice blends, made with cherished and fondly guarded recipes that plays with authentic flavour combinations to delight the palate. The heat of chillies, earthy richness of cumin, fragrant cardamom, and delicate coriander, come together with meticulous care to achieve a rewarding balance.

In the hands of Asha’s team of experienced chefs, these spice blends form the cornerstone of each and every dish that graces the menu. Combined with the highest quality ingredients sourced from local producers (meat and vegetables direct from the farm gate, fish fresh from the harbour side or river bank), the chef’s at Asha create some unparalleled eats that show a real ingenuity, creativity, and understanding when it comes to flavour profiles and texture combinations. The result: a diverse menu where tradition and innovation work hand-in-hand. We’re talking rich lamb saffron Biryani, fragrant hare Baingan Ka Bartha, aromatic Chandni Chowk Ka Kheema, and sumptuous Muscat Gosht.

And then there are the cocktails. Forget the usual bottle of Cobra, Asha’s have pulled out all the stops with a majestic cocktail collection - a balancing act of a-class spirits with sweet juices and fresh garnishes. Every libation is served beautifully in delicate dedicated glasses and topped up with attractive wedges of fruit, making them real show-stoppers and the perfect way to settle into the Asha’s experience. Amongst our favourites, the Delhi Devil reigns supreme: Bombay Sapphire, fresh pomegranate and mint leaves muddled with lemon juice, and lengthened with ginger beer.

Asha’s is a unique experience that’s ready to impress anyone. Break the cycle of going to your usual curry spot - head to somewhere remarkable instead.


If you're going for just one cocktail, make it the Delhi Devil.
Okay, you'll want a second cocktail - so get the Maharaja's Mistress.