Opening Times
Monday – Wednesday12pm – 11pm
Thursday12pm – 12am
Friday12pm – 2am
Saturday11am – 2am
Sunday11am – 11pm

Aluna, 128-130 The Mailbox, Wharfside Street, Birmingham, B1 1RQ
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Why we love it

Making its home amongst the Mailbox’s attractive line-up of food and drink destinations, Aluna is right where the action is. And with outdoor seating that opens up into the Birmingham Canal Old Line and a buzzy interior, there’s no better place to head if you want to soak up a vibrant atmosphere in the heart of the city.

Aluna is a boundary-pushing cocktail bar with more tricks up their sleeves than that magician you had at your fifth birthday party. Acrobatic cocktail shakers spin across the bar in perfect form, whilst elsewhere flames dance on the top of intricately shaped glassware and smoke wisps across vibrant coloured liquid, dissipating slowly in swirls. It’s a real masterpiece; cocktail artistry at its finest, where age old knowledge and contemporary experiments come together.

But don’t for a second think it’s all a gimmick; Aluna would never sacrifice flavour and quality for a dash of flair. Every detail in the creation process is painstakingly thought through in order to create great tasting and high-calibre cocktails. And when it boils down to that final pour, the proof is in that first sip. You’ll find every single cocktail is crafted perfectly, boasting a delicate balance of subtle flavours and the right amount of alcoholic glow.

It’s not just the skill of the mixologists that go into these exquisite concoctions. Aluna recognise that the basis of any cocktail revolves around its spirits, so they refuse to compromise. You’ll only find the highest quality libations here and the bar is notably lined with the finest spirits on the market. Belka Vodka, a triple distilled vodka made in Kazakhstan, features heavily on the menu and for good reasons: its smooth texture, potent alcoholic kick, and crisp after taste works well as a base alongside a whole host of sweet and sour tasting notes (order the Pomegranate Cosmo to experience it at it’s best). We’re also suckers for a spot of tequila too, so naturally we’re chuffed to see them stocking Altos Plata Tequila (at some stage in your visit, be sure to order the Mexican Mist).

With an ingenious list of cocktails from the minds of Aluna’s passionate team of mixologists, you really are spoilt for choice. You’d be wise to chat to the team to grab their recommendations, but there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a menu, closing your eyes and picking one at random - faith is a beautiful thing.


Tequila fans - get your mitts on the Mexican Mist.
Order the Aluna Secret Concoction - we have no idea what's in it, but boy is it good.
Check out their 'From the Cauldron' collection, made for two people to share.