Alicia's Micro Bakehouse

Opening Times
Sunday – MondayCLOSED
Tuesday – Thursday5pm – 10pm
Friday5pm – 10.30pm
Saturday12pm – 10.30pm

1377 Pershore Road Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 2JR
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Why we love it

If we needed proof that good things come in small packages, then this is it. Independent artisan pizzeria, Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse, might not have the biggest pizza oven in the world, but boy do they know how to use it. Expect beautifully crafted sourdough pizza with blistered crusts, a covering of richly sweet tomato sauce (or not if you fancy a pizze bianche), and a generous selection of toppings using both fresh vegetables and cured meats.

The life of Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse began with a different trade in mind: the baking of sourdough bread. In fact, in its early days (approximately starting in 2016), you wouldn’t see a pizza in sight. The team were strictly knocking out cracking sourdough loaves, made with unbleached organic flour, water, sea salt, and time. After mastering this trade, they decided to use the same practice to make pizza - and they’ve never looked back!

By applying their exceptional knowledge of baking, Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse make dough with none of the negative effects you might find at other pizza houses. For example, you know sometimes a pizza can leave you bloated? Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse figured out that this is the result of rushing the process, and not giving the dough to rest and breakdown the complex carbohydrates and other impurities found in wheat that prevents that goodness from being absorbed. So with this in mind, they passionately let time do its thing; their pizza dough has a good 24 - 48 hours to develop before its rolled out, fired and served to your table.

Their menu reads like a dream, with plenty of old favourites and unique flavour combinations. Divided into pizze rosse , pizze bianche, and pizze speciali, there’s a lot to choose from. Our advice: keep cool and take your time; we know you’ll make the right choice.

Alicia’s Micro Bakehouse is a warm welcome to Pershore Rd., joining a collection of foodie bubbles along its strip. If you’re looking for your new favourite pizza hangout, this is likely it.


The Finocchietto pizze rosse is our go to 'za.
For a veggie feast, it has to be the King Veg pizze speciali.
Always end the meal with gelato.