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Sunday – TuesdayCLOSED
Wednesday – Friday5pm – 11pm
Saturday3 – 11pm

Thorp St, Birmingham B5 4AU
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Why we love it

There’s something breathtaking about the cocktails the team behind the specialist cocktail bar 18/81 craft: minimalist, elegant and delicate, each and every drink served is exquisite. But we know that behind the scenes, the team meticulously blend and balance flavour profiles with an unworldly attention to detail in order to create something that appears quite so effortless.

18/81 creates cocktails like no other bar in Birmingham. You can forget about flavoured syrups and flamboyant decorations; 18/81 keep things sincere by using only the finest natural ingredients and top quality spirits. Their menu is inspired by a history of cocktails from around the world, using native spirits to conjure contemporary versions of forgotten or rare cocktail delicacies. The Lamington, for example, has been named as one of Australia’s most iconic and innovative creations; the team at 18/81 take on the challenge of recreating it with 100 proof Bourbon as a way of controlling the sweetness whilst bolstering the richness of the flavours - the result is a full bodied and utterly decadent drink. And then there’s “Death by Agave” which 18/81 describe as “a celebrity deathmatch of traditional spirits from Jalisco, Chihuahua and Oaxaca with no winner, except the drink”.

As if these individuals cocktails aren’t tempting you enough, 18/81 host flawless tasting menus. Their Discovery menu presents a playful observation of the ideology of cocktails over four-courses, bringing together the very best of seasonal flavours through the wonderful lost art of preservation. They’re also currently hosting a Taste of Japan menu which marries food and drink: five course food (presenting a progression of flavour) paired cocktail tasting menu showcasing Sekki; the seasonal calendar of Japan dividing the year into 24 sections or mini seasons. It’s an incredible feat.

We could sing 18/81’s praise all day, but the proof is in the pudding. To really understand what it’s all about, you’re going to have to stop by.


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