The Stable Bath

Opening Times
Sunday – Friday12pm – 11pm
Saturday11am – 12pm
Casual DiningTakeawayBoozingPizza££

01225 429851
1-3, Westgate Building, Kingsmead Square, Bath BA1 2AE
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Why we love it

If you consider pizza, pies and cider to be the holy trinity of all diets, then you’re in luck - we know a little gem that’s going to sort you right out. The Stable dedicate their time to serving all three from their home just off the leafy Kingsmead Square in the heart of Bath, and they do it all exceptionally well.

So what makes their menu so special? Whilst pizza and pies might seem like a straightforward duo, The Stable certainly don’t rest on their laurels. Instead, they’re constantly pushing themselves to create new combinations of toppings, pie fillings and hearty sides to ensure everything is as good as it gets. And it’s all down to their passion for keeping things local - a big plus point for us Wrigglers. Whilst you’ll find a Stable in various locations across the UK, every venue has its own unique seasonal menu that certainly makes the most out of local ingredients. And, as we all know, the South West has some of the best farms in the UK which turn out some absolutely stellar produce, resulting in a quality array of items on the Bath Stable’s menu.

Hailing from Dorset, The Stable is naturally big on cider with an exceptional knowledge for the stuff. In fact, the very veins of this hangout is filled with liquid gold, and the bar packed to the rafters with an overwhelming choice of ciders. From refreshingly sweet sparkling cider, to rough and ready scrumpies, their selection will melt the hearts of any seasoned cider drinkers. And what if you don’t like cider? Well think again. Their expert team of bartenders (headed by cider master Matt) will have you singing its praises by helping you find the perfect cider to suit your tastes.

Now you’ve got the low-down there’s no excuse not to visit. You can thank us later.


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