The Real Italian Pizza Company

Opening Times
Monday – Sunday11am – 11pm
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01225 330121
16 York St, Bath BA1 1NG
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Why we love it

It’s no secret that there’s a plethora of pizza places in Bath. Even The Real Italian Pizza Company founders Francesca Addabbo and Timothy Coffey realised this long before they opened their doors back in 2007. But unlike many of the trendy chains cropping up left, right and centre, Francesca was inspired by a different vision: to bring the people of Bath the authentic Italian pizza that she was introduced to during her childhood in Italy; to pass on the traditional tastes and experiences of eating in a relaxed environment with friends and family where she grew up. You could say that each slice is a 'pizza' memorabilia from Italy; a reflection and celebration of Francesca’s roots.

It comes as no surprise then that each and every pizza in this family-run venue is made by hand and baked in a wood-fire oven imported from Italy. On arrival, it’s impossible not to take a moment to bathe in the scent of freshly baked dough and smouldering wood. But before long, our minds are on other things - the menu. Packed full of classics (ours is the diavola) alongside some inventive specials (make sure at least one person orders the nocina on your visit), it’s a real treat for pizza lovers. There’s even folded pizzas that are packed to the gills with melted cheese and piping hot vegetables and meats.

But it’s not all pizza. They also serve some superb salads (fantasia al gorgonzola being one of our favourites in the line-up) and classic pasta dishes (at the end of the day, who can resist a lasagne). And there’s more; with a healthy selection of antipasti and bruschette, there’s enough offerings to create your very own Italian banquet.

Right next door you’ll also find another morsel of Italy from Francesca and Timothy - The Real Italian Ice Cream Company, their sister venture that serves proper gelato by the scoop. The good thing about its proximity to The Real Italian Pizza Co is that their traditional ice creams also spill onto the dessert menu, alongside their infamous sorbetto al limone (freshly made lemon sorbet).

To conclude: The Real Italian Pizza Co is 100% the real deal.


Don't miss out on upgrading to buffalo mozzarella.
Add limoncello to your sorbetto al limone for a match made in heaven.
The bruschetta tris gives you the chance to sample plenty of Italian flavours.