The Mint Room

Opening Times
Monday – Saturday12am – 2pm
Sunday1pm – 9pm
Monday – Saturday5.30pm – 11pm
Sunday1pm – 9pm
Casual DiningDate NightsRestaurantsAward Winning Food & DrinkCurry££

0117 329 1300
Longmead Gospel Hall, Lower Bristol Rd, Bath BA2 3EB
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Why we love it

The stories you’ve heard are true - the award-winning Mint Room really is the cream of the crop when it comes to contemporary Indian cuisine.

Like the bright and minimalist setting, the food here has a modern style; whilst you’ll find some old favourites on the menu, the Mint Room have taken inspiration from regional eats and have added a unique twist to everything they do. Each dish is adventurous and distinctive, resulting in beautifully presented banquets where style and substance are on par with one another.

They also pride themselves on using quality British ingredients from top suppliers, adding yet another string to their already remarkable bow. We’re talking Somerset spider steak, free-range Welsh lamb and Scottish salmon fillets, all served with a mix of seasonal garnishes and made with fresh herbs and spices.

The service is on point too. On arrival, you can expect a warm welcome with the team working efficiently to get you seated and talk you through different aspects of the menu. As it’s far from your usual takeaway joint, it’s well worth asking for their recommendations to find out if there are any specials and to find something that suits your taste. It’s safe to say that they pull out all the stops to impress.

We could go on, but we have a feeling we’re already preaching to the choir here. If you haven’t yet made the trip to the Mint Room yet, stop wasting time - get over there tonight and you’ll understand exactly what all the hype is about.


Book ‘A Tour of India Tasting Menu’ for a full experience.
The Gulab Jamun is the dessert of your wildest dreams.
End the meal with an Espresso Martini.