The Canary Gin Bar

Opening Times
Monday – Thursday5pm – 12am
Friday4pm – 12am
Saturday3pm – 12am

3 Queen St, Bath BA1 1HE
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Why we love it

Fittingly situated on Queen Street, the beautifully Georgian Canary Gin Bar is a proper gin palace, guaranteed to knock the socks off of any gin fan who graces its doors. We’re serious - this place means business. With over 230 different gins scattered behind, on and around the regal bar, it’s a real sight to behold.

Run by a team of talented mixologists, we’ve been impressed with every sip we’ve ever had here, with each gin paired with their own unique mixer and garnish to compliment them perfectly. And then there’s their ‘gin' Austen cocktails (yes, we wish we came up with that pun first) which will make you wonder why you ever settled with a standard gin and tonic in the first place.

Over the years, the popularity of The Canary Gin Bar led it to evolve into its very own distillery (The Bath Gin Company, nonetheless) which now resides in the basement of the space. It’s become a huge part of the experience The Canary Gin Bar offers, giving visitors the chance to explore the process behind making their small batch premium gin. Different variations of their gin is sold in The Canary Gin Bar (and in the smaller Distiller’s Bar upstairs), so if you’re going to try just one gin on your visit, make it one from The Bath Gin Company.

Of course, with so many different gins available at The Canary Gin Bar, it’s just not possible to give them all a go there and then. However, you can pick-up bottles to take home from their in-venue store too so the gin party can carrying on back at your place - just don’t forget to drop us an invite.

Gin lovers - welcome home!

(And remember to drink responsibly)


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Ask a mixologist about their gin experiences.
Pick up a bottle of Bath Gin to take home.