Thai Hut

Opening Times
Monday - TuesdayCLOSED
Wednesday - Sunday12pm-3:30pm
TakeawayStreet FoodNoodlesCurry£

Green Park Station, BA1 2DR
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Why we love it

Thai Hut have set up shop in Bath’s legendary Green Park market, to give the people what they need: good mood food.

From noodles and Thai curries, to tender grilled skewers, their daily-changing menu never fails to itch that lunchtime scratch. Packed full of fragrant spices and topped with fresh chillies and herbs, there’s a real complexity to everything they do that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. We recommend getting your mitts on a couple of their BBQ chicken skewers with a side of sweet mango sticky rice. Was it down with some freshly squeezed lime juice and you’re onto a winner.

Even better is their speedy-service, giving you the power to maximise the time you get to kickback and relax on your lunch-break. With everything prepared in advance, there’s no delay between you ordering and you getting your hands on a piping hot serving of the good stuff. Think of everything you can do with that extra time: maybe you could finish that book you’re reading or squeeze in some yoga in Queen Square. The world is your oyster.

Want to see what’s cooking this week? Check out their Instagram account - it’s updated every time a new menu is launched, so you can mentally prepare for a seriously good treat. They’ve also got a hankering for a rhyming couplet, but we’ll let you discover that on their Instagram yourselves.

So get over to Green Park market - your lunch is saved.


The honey sesame wings are a thing of dreams.
Keep an eye out for Vegan specials.
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