Thai Basil

Opening Times
Tuesday - Sunday12.00 - 14.30
Tuesday - Saturday17.30 - 22.30
Sunday17.30 - 22.00
Date NightsCasual DiningRestaurantsTakeawayCurryNoodles££

01225 462 463
90A Walcot Street, Bath, Somerset, BA1 5BG
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Why we love it

You might think we’re getting carried away when we say we’ve found a place that genuinely ticks all the boxes in terms of quality food, atmosphere and service - but then, perhaps you haven’t made it to Thai Basil?

It’s the good guy attitude from Thai Basil that makes it the gem it is. With a mission to strive for superior customer satisfaction, they’re driven to excel in everything they do - and it certainly shows. Despite using the finest and freshest ingredients around to craft some beautifully balanced dishes, the menu is inexpensive and accessible. And regardless of its popularity, they still maintain a genuinely personable and engaged service even at the busiest of times. How they manage to keep such a cool and calm appearance is beyond us - but we love them for it.

When it comes down to what to order, we recommend branching away from your usual well-trodden path. Most of us at Wriggle are creatures of habit and can’t help but get tempted by our usual choices. But with so many unique and refreshing dishes on the menu, it’s a shame not to try at least one new thing on every visit. To get you started, give the ped pad sauce lao dang (stir-fried slice of roasted duck with sweet brandy, red wine sauce, and cashew nuts) a try - it became an immediate favourite amongst the team.

Thai Basil is one of those places you imagine yourself revisiting time and time again - and with such great food, a lively atmosphere and quality service, why wouldn’t you?


Tucked just outside the city-centre for a more intimate dining experience.
Top notch selection of alcoholic drinks.
Plenty of vegetarian dishes.