Lulu Caffe

Opening Times
Monday – Sunday8am – 6pm

01225 920560
1 Hot Bath St, Bath BA1 1SJ
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Why we love it

Back in 2016, Lulu Caffe opened its doors, gracing a corner of Bath with a taste of the Levant.

When it comes to the eats, the menu is full of all sorts of delights, including the mammoth Lulu fry-up and eggs royale with perfectly domed poached eggs. But this is far from your usual cafe menu. Owner Mohammad has injected his own take on classic cafe servings by injecting a Eastern Mediterranean flair into everything on offer. This means that alongside their cracking all-day breakfasts, you’ll also find spiced falafel wraps, hearty shawarma and sweet Baklava.

Food aside, the big focus at Lulu Caffe is speciality coffee. The menu is bursting with different types of coffee (from cappuccinos to cortados), with the choice of their own house roast (with notes of prunes, bakers chocolate and treacle), a lighter guest blend from Clifton Coffee Roasters (think jasmine, peach and bergamot) and a delightful little decaf number. Much like the food, there’s a Levant-esque inspiration in the coffee served here, with Mohammad drawing inspiration from his family roots and the long coffee culture associated with parts of the Eastern Mediterranean.

But beyond all this, the real reason we frequent Lulu Caffe is for the Turkish coffee. After all, it’s not everyday you get to sip on one of these. Lulu Caffe make Turkish coffee the proper way, resulting in a well-built cup of thick yet somehow smooth unfiltered coffee that equally gives you a buzzy kick whilst calming things down. Served in cezve alongside a delicate patterned cup and a morsel of turkish delight and dates, it’s a far different experience from what you’ll find in minimalist coffee houses that express an interest in fine filter coffee; and it’s this contrast that makes us love Lulu Caffe all the more.

With its large street facing windows and plush furnishings, Lulu Caffe offers a rest bite in a busy modern city. Take the weight off, grab a Turkish coffee and watch the people rush by outside with a jealous glint in their eyes - it’s the best way to seize the day.


Be sure to try the Turkish Coffee.
The Homemade Coconut and Orange Cake is a winner.
Grab a bag of their House Coffee to enjoy at home.