Firehouse Rotisserie

Opening Times
Monday - Friday12pm - 2:15 & 5:30pm - 10pm
Saturday12pm - 10pm
Sunday12pm - 9:30pm
Casual Dining££

2 John St, Bath BA1 2JL
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Why we love it

With over 25 years under its belt, Firehouse Rotisserie is nothing short of an independent institution. Talk to any local and it’s likely they’ve popped by to check out this food joint, situated right in the heart of Bath’s city centre.

There’s a few very good reasons why Firehouse Rotisserie has built the reputation it has. To start, it’s hard not to find something you love on their menu. From free-range rotisserie chicken and grilled dry-age steaks, to stone-baked pizzas and small plates, its Californian and south-west American menu features tonnes of old favourites that have been on the menu for nearly as long as this place opened its doors. For us, it’s hard to beat their Texas spice-rubbed free-range rotisserie chicken (from Banham Farm in Norfolk), topped off with a side of french fries and buttered green beans.

We know what some of you are thinking - what about the steak? Well, to answer your question, we’re doing that kissing the hand gesture (you know, the ‘al bacio’ one). Their 8oz Sirloin is spot on, and you can really kick it up a gear with their chive truffle butter. Seriously, if steak is your thing then there’s no question about it - get it ordered.

Okay, it’s safe to say that Firehouse Rotisserie have a big focus on meat, but don’t get us wrong - this is far from over-the-top, rich and greasy “dude food” that dominated the meaty restaurant scene a few years back. For this team, it’s not about the latest trends or creating food challenges; instead, Firehouse Rotisserie takes a more subtle approach to how we can enjoy eating meat, by exploring the delicate flavours of Californian and south-west American cuisine in all of their dishes.

We haven’t even told you the best thing yet - their open kitchen. To show that they mean business when it comes to food, the open kitchen is a valuable addition to the space, inviting diners to delight in the sights, sounds and smells. You can even catch them preparing your order adding that extra pinch of magic to your visit.

Grab a bottle of wine and sit back - you’re in good hands


Check out their lunch specials for some lighter bites during the day.
Start your visit with a handful of small plates to share.
Splash out on the Sauvignon Blanc Black Label if you like your wine with tropical notes.