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Sunday - Thursday12pm - 11pm
Friday - Saturday11.30am - 11pm
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14-16 The Corridor, Bath BA1 5AP
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Why we love it

In a scene where sourdough seems to rule the waves, Dough are doing things against the grain. This proudly independent, family-run venture is on a mission to make pizza accessible to everyone by offering an extensive selection of bases to suit all dietary requirements, health needs and lifestyle choices.

The idea behind Dough came about when Emiliano Tunno and Massimo Nucaro (the Italian duo behind the restaurant) were on a fishing trip in New Zealand. With a keen interest in quality food and drink (Massimo had already established himself as a pizza bro on the festival circuit), teaming up to create their very own venue probably made a lot of sense. But the real inspiration came from Massimo’s first-hand experience of an intolerance to gluten, which fuelled the quest for creating alternative and health-giving dough. Now, with two locations under their belts (Bath being their first plot), they’ve mastered the formula.

Whilst they stock a range of traditional pizzas on classic bases, it’s all about their specials. Here you’ll find Dough’s true handy work; hemp, multigrain, kamut, and black rice dough lines the menu as just a few of their legendary alternative bases. Okay, we know what you’re thinking - why meddle with a classic? Well, aside from ensuring pizza is for everyone, these bases taste great and make for a refreshing twist to Neapolitan style pizzas. After all, variety is the spice of life.

And beyond the base are some truly extravagant and imaginative toppings, including the likes of swordfish, sautéed porcini mushrooms and beetroot carpaccio.

Join the Dough movement and spread their message - pizza is for everyone.


The King pizza with a seaweed base is a much try.
A side of roast potatoes never goes amiss.
If you've never tried vegan cheese, now's your chance.