Charm Thai

Opening Times
Monday12pm - 8pm
Tuesday - Friday12pm - 9pm
Saturday12pm - 10pm
Sunday12pm - 9pm
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2 George Street, Bath, BA1 2EH
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Why we love it

You probably wouldn’t believe us if we told you that you could take a whistle-stop tour of Thailand without leaving Bath, right? Well that’s exactly what the Charm Thai team have set out to do, and you know what - they’ve hit the nail on the head.

Stroll down George Street, and you’ll find the award-winning Charm Thai. With a facade poised by Corinthian columns, it almost blends in with the surrounding quintessential Bath architecture that flows throughout the heart of the city. But (and this is where the magic begins) step inside and you’ll get the feeling that you’re somewhere else entirely. Carved gold panels and impressively sized artworks fill this captivating space, creating a unique dining environment that’s world’s apart from the neighbouring venues. It's certainly both a captivating and revitalising spot, that knocked our socks off when we first visited.

The kitchen team add even more to this illusion by conjuring up their take on traditional Thai dishes. Each and every dish packs a warm fragrant punch that highlights their meticulous attention to detail when balancing fresh herbs, roots and dried toasted spices. The texture of their meat and fish dishes also highlights a real quality in their choice of ingredients, and even the most subtle and delicate flavours can be found in the richest and spiciest of sauces.

Their drink menu is well worth shouting about too. They’ve definitely cracked the beer list with some quality authentic brews from Thailand, but it’s their Thai drink menu that sparks our interest. We recommend ordering yourself a glass of the green milk Hale’s Blue Boy; a surprisingly refreshing drink that’s made by mixing a sweet syrup from Bangkok with (you’ve guessed it) milk. And yes, it is green!

If you’re looking for a meal that’s guaranteed to excite your taste-buds, this is it.


The stunning interior creates an amazing atmosphere.
For those who like it hot, the Pad Kra Pow Pak is a fiery favourite.
There's a private room that's perfect for parties.