About wriggle

What is Wriggle?

Wriggle is your guide to the best independent food & drink. Our mission is to help you discover the finest local establishments at affordable prices, at the same time as helping our top-notch partner restaurants and cafes get the customers they deserve.

The Wriggle team handpick the places on the app and website to make sure that we bring you only the best quality - whether that’s great streetfood, the finest coffee, or top-notch fine-dining.

The story behind Wriggle

Before Wriggle there was Rob. There was also a great deal of concern about food waste. So Wriggle was originally pitched - back in the murky depths of 2013 - as a tech-enabled solution to commercial food waste; a tool allowing food and drink retailers to drop their prices in real-time, relative to surplus stock. But Rob noticed something else; potential waste goes above and beyond perishable stock. Every empty table, every cancellation, every off-peak hour, every anticipated lull, every badly publicised new opening, every new product that falls under the radar - all represent an opportunity wasted.

And it’s not just retailers who were missing a trick here. People - like you and me - are constantly missing out on something better; something more interesting, something better priced, something hidden away. So, instead of taking the easy route and approaching chain businesses with this new technology, Rob decided to be highly selective about who to include: strictly high quality independent establishments, the types that don’t usually do offers - and the types which are largely operated by their owners, leaving very little free time to market themselves. Enter Wriggle.

Why? Because they wanted to introduce people to the best local places, not just the standard high street chains - whilst simultaneously helping those smaller businesses with their efficiency. And because they wanted to provide something that inspired both trust and excitement from its customers, and loyalty from its partners. Continuing this theme, we’ve now developed a full guide to local food and drink - highly curated, all independent, all excellent at what they do - and worth shouting about. Confused? Us too. In a nutshell (or should I say burger bun) Wriggle helps you discover the best local places more affordably. Simple as that.


How does Wriggle work?

It's simple - enter your location on the homepage, and we'll show you all the great local places offers nearby. Choose an offer that tickles your fancy, purchase through Wriggle and enjoy!

You can also use the Wriggle Guide feature to browse all the best independent spots in your city, even when they’re not creating an offer.

Which restaurants, cafes and bars appear on Wriggle?

The Wriggle team have the tough job of eating and drinking their way through the local food & drink scene to provide you with a selection of the very finest independent restaurants, cafes and bars.

We will only ever list places that the Wriggle team love - this could be anything from a top-notch fine-dining restaurant, to the very best streetfood and the finest speciality coffee shops.

If you have any suggestions for places that should be on Wriggle, then we’d love to hear from you! Just drop us an email on hello@getawriggleon.com

How do I purchase an offer?

Select the offer that you like the look of on the main offers page, select "Purchase Now” and the quantity of the offer you want to buy, add your card details (they’ll be saved for future purchases), and then confirm the purchase. Simple as that!

How do I pay?

Once you've entered your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card, you can buy any offer in a few clicks. To enter your card details, select the "Wallet" tab in the “Account” section, then click "Add New Card", and enter your details. You can also add this information when making your first purchase.

Do I Need to Pay Anything Extra at the Business?

No need to pay anything extra!

However, Wriggle is about supporting great local establishments and it’d be great if you showed them some love and bought some drinks, sides or extras on top. If you do, you’ll need to pay the venue for these directly.

Oh, and remember to tip generously!

How do I claim my purchase?

After making a purchase, you'll be shown a receipt containing your Wriggle code. When you arrive at the establishment (between the specified times, remember!) show the staff your code to claim your purchase.

Your receipt and code will also be emailed to you, as well as being displayed in the “Orders" tab in the Account section of the website.

Do offers sell out?

Yes – Wriggle's offers are nearly always limited in terms of quantity and time. So get a Wriggle on and purchase them before they run out!

What does the timer mean?

The timer displays the window in which you need to claim your purchase in the establishment. The offer needs to be redeemed at the business before the timer expires, so make sure you can get to the venue before the offer expires!

How late can I purchase an offer?

If you see it on Wriggle and the timer hasn't expired, it's available to be purchased. We keep all offers open until the last possible moment – but remember, the offer needs to be redeemed at the business before the timer expires, so make sure you can get to the venue before the offer expires!

Can I cancel my purchase?

Food & Drink Offers

You can only get a refund if you requested the refund before the claim window has started. If that’s the case, simply email hello@getawriggleon.com with your booking details and reason for your cancellation and we will issue a refund.

Unfortunately if the offer window started before you inform us of the cancellation then Wriggle will not be able to refund your payment. Short-term offers are a key part of Wriggle, and our partner restaurants will have started to prepare your order - so it’s your job to make sure you let us know promptly!


For Events, organisers set their own refund policy. If the event you registered for has a refund policy, you'll find it posted on the event listing where you registered and the order confirmation email you received after purchasing.

In the absence of a refund policy stated on the event listing – Wriggle will only process a refund if we receive the request more than 2 weeks in advance of the Event. Any refund requests submitted within 14 days of the event are left up to the event organiser.

What happens if I try to redeem an offer after the timer has expired?

Unfortunately you won't be able to redeem a purchase at the establishment after the specified timeframe expires, and Wriggle will not be able to refund your payment. Short-term offers are a key part of Wriggle, so always make sure you leave enough time to get to the venue before the offer ends!

Why aren’t there offers near me?

We’re in a number of cities across the UK (you can see the cities we’re operating in on the homepage) - and will be launching in many more. If you can’t see us in your city yet, then hang in there - Rome wasn’t built in a day!

If you’d like to be a Wriggle Ambassador and help bring Wriggle to your city, then drop us a line on hello@getawriggleon.com

How do I change my account information?

Go to the “Account” section on the website, change any details you want to update, and select "Save".

Where can I give feedback?

We'd love to hear from you!

The day after an Event or Offer, you will receive an email giving you the chance to provide feedback on your experience. This will be sent to the email address your Wriggle account is registered to.

Alternatively, send us an email on hello@getawriggleon.com, or give us a call on 0117 325 8535.