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​A Guide to Pizza in Bristol

Pizza's a big deal in Bristol. With over 90 dedicated pizza restaurants vying for your attention around the city, it'd be easy to be overwhelmed by choice. Of course there's pizza, and then there's pizza - knowing the hot spots will guarantee you chomp down on some of the best pizza this side of Naples.

Tucked away in Wapping Wharf is Bertha's Pizza which was recently recognised as one of the best pizzas outside of London by The Guardian. Using a sourdough base and their custom-built pizza oven, they have a reputation for exceptional pizza.

Just around the corner from Bertha's is Pi Shop; a pizzeria from the Michelin-Starred Sánchez-Iglesias family more notably known for Casamia. Pi Shop is a nod to their past when they first started Casamia as a pizza and pasta restaurant. Expect the same attention to flavour and quality ingredients that saw them win a Michelin Star for Casamia but in a more humble setting.

If you're heading to Stokes Croft, make sure you pop in to see Ray's Pizza. A pizza restaurant that's holding residency in the Crofters Rights, it's known for its superbly crispy bases and traditional flavour combinations. The extra added bonus is the Crofters Rights is a great venue for a beer lover, with over 10 local beers and ciders on at any given time. Put the two together and you're in pizza and beer heaven. further up the Gloucester Road and you'll come to Pizzarova. A pizza restaurant that started life as a converted Land Rover (hence the name) serving pizza out the back to the hungry Bristol masses. Pizzarova's pizza was so popular that they managed to open up a permanent residence on the famous Gloucester Road. Serving only fresh, seasonal ingredients, their highly-customisable menu is focused on great flavour all year round. With outdoor seating which catches the sun in the afternoon, this pizza restaurant really comes into its own in the Summer.

For a more in-depth look at the best pizza restaurants in Bristol, take a look at our Bristol pizza guide

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