Oozing Welsh soul, embellished with Italian flair, handcrafted in Llandaff and enjoyed by those in the Cardiff know. Pizza at Porro (stonebaked, hand-tossed, vibrant and fresh...
Hot-n-messy, down-n-dirty, stonebaked-n-cheesy, damn-right-tasty. Settle down with an eclectic Tiny Rebel pizza and Wriggle your way to a sorted day. Choose from any pizza of...
Hot-n-messy, down-n-dirty, stonebaked-n-cheesy, damn-right-tasty. Settle down with a 12" Tiny Rebel pizza this lunch and give yourself a high-5 for having made such an awesome...
Looking for a tasty Italian lunchtime treat that won't break the bank but will satisfy that all-too-familiar tummy pang for some pizza? Well, look no further than this enticin...
Wriggle on over to Calabrisella and prepare to feast on what is quite possibly the finest pizza in Cardiff – we'll let you be the judge. With this Wriggle, you'll tuck into on...

Pizza has had a bit of a face lift of late. It wasn't that long ago that pizza was something to be ordered to ones house and eaten in a state of undress in front of the TV. Something to grab from the supermarket freezer because it's 8:30 on a Thursday night and you're not about to actually cook something. 

Well no more is the humble pizza something you rely on when you're hungry and tired, it is a dish that should be celebrated, savoured and treated with respect. Whether you like a Neapolitan, Sicilian or Sourdough base, Cardiff has stepped up its pizza game and is serving it hot. 

The one place that makes every Cardiff resident seem to sigh deeply and start drooling when mentioned is Dusty Knuckle. Ending their nomadic lifestyle in 2016 with a hidden away restaurant in Canton Dusty Knuckle are making the most of their surroundings. By using recycled materials and featuring an edible herb garden, complete with a pizza oven hand-built by owners, Phill Lewis and Deb Noyes you can taste the time, effort and passion in every bite. 

If you do prefer hunting down that perfect slice of 'za you would do well to hunt out the Ffwrnes boys and their charming three wheeled Piaggo Van, Smokey Pete. This pair hand-make their dough and scour the length and breadth of Wales for the finest ingredients  which results in a beautifully charred, chewy crust and toppings worthy of a plate in a fine dining restaurant. 

Circles are for squares and that is why Pizza Pronto makes their pizza oval shaped...of course. The owner,  an ex-Royal Marines Commando, is pro pizza and pro charity, supporting many good causes over the years with their "eat one feed one" option on the menu. With prices as good and food as great as Pizza Pronto manage, you'll find enough change to donate, we're sure. 

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