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You can't swing a stick without hitting somewhere that serves a burger in Cardiff. Sadly, the burger has been somewhat neglected by some, two stale pieces of bread hold a dry, meat disc with plasticy cheese adorning the top. We demand better than this. 

However, a few brave souls are sticking their head above the parapet and saying NO! NO MORE BAD BURGERS. To these people, we say, not all heros wear capes. 

Leading the charge as far as us at Wriggle are concerned are Burger Theory. Already enjoying well deserved success in Bristol and Brighton these guys have lifted the burger from something you grab because it's quick and easy, to something you need to tackle with two hands and plenty of napkins. Personal favourites include the Prairie Girl, a hefty, moist chicken breast bathed in hot sauce and a choice between BBQ sauce or blue cheese dressing. We also LOVE their commitment to the vegans and veggies out there. Giving up animal products shouldn't mean you miss out on getting down and dirty with a burger. 

Cardiff isn't just full of burger usurpers however. Time and Beef have given the burger torch back to the consumer and let you build your own dinner. Perfect for those that spend the beginning of each meal picking the tomato out of their buns. You have so much choice here, you bun, your protein, sauces, toppings it's all there for you to create the greatest burger of all time. Like any proud parent you can name your burger baby, snap a photo and share it on social media. 

Burgers that are washed down with a pint of decent craft beer taste better. That's just a fact. Tiny Rebel's Cardiff bar keep it simple with their offerings, pick your protein, add as many toppings as you feel like for 75p each. Order a pint of something crafty (we highly recommend Wriggle beer when it's on, very quaffable) and enjoy a match made in heaven. 

Cardiff Burger Guide

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