Hidden away from the rest of city through geographical contours is arguably Bristol’s most unique area. St Werburghs is instantly identifiable from the rest of the city (and arguably anywhere else in the world) through its architecture.

Created by the self-proclaimed ‘Bristol Gnomes’ - a group of hippie architects - these buildings were handmade and sit somewhere between Gaudi and Cornish Folklore in style. What the Gnomes planted in the 1980’s has grown roots and continued to influence every aspect of this area for over 30 years since. From the food and drink, to the people itself - this is a highly creative, tangibly laid-back community that will leave you simultaneously feeling like you’re in a village and a city.

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St Werburghs Restaurants

Mina Road hosts St Werburghs’ small cluster of restaurants that are a stone’s throw away from each other. The jewel of the crown being The Cauldron - a restaurant that exclusively cooks its whole menu over an open fire. Or maybe you’d like to go to Mulino’s - a pizzeria run on the front porch of a local resident’s house.

Cafes in St Werburghs

The cafe-culture is fairly strong in St Werburghs, with generous outdoor seating at every cafe, restaurant and pub. Long-standing stalwarts Biblos and Cafe Napolita across the road offer a great opportunity to sit and people-watch through the day and night.

St Werburghs Pubs & Bars

St Werburghs has a great selection of local pubs that are the best place to really witness the area’s uniqueness. Head the Miner’s Arms for a bustling local (with arguably the largest crisp selection in Bristol), The Farm to hide away in it’s huge garden, or The Duke of York for a graffiti clad venue, complete with its own bowling alley.

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