If you’ve never been to Clifton before, you’re in for a treat. Things move at a different pace up here with stunning Georgian architecture and quaint cobbled streets packed with cafes, bistros and bars.

It’s easy to argue that there’s a certain Parisian charm to Clifton. Clifton’s not short of must-see attractions whilst you’re there. Clifton Suspension Bridge and Avon Gorge are most likely the two most photographed attractions in the South West, swiftly followed by the Royal York Crescent; a 19th-century terrace overlooking the city centre.

In turn, Clifton’s food scene has its own identity with The Lido, Wellbourne and The Ivy being stand-out examples of the standard of food offered in the area. And how could we forget the pubs? Arguably some of the nicest traditional-style pubs outside of London.

It’s safe to say you’ll be well-fed and well-watered around here.

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Clifton Restaurants

Whilst Clifton’s restaurant scene is quite wide and varied, it’s particularly well known for its seafood.

Wallfish is a small bistro a stone's throw from the suspension bridge and serves fresh, seasonal dishes specialising in seafood. Just around the corner is Fishers, a well-loved Bristolian destination who’ve got a reputation for creating elaborate seafood platters.

You can also get some of the best sushi in the city in Clifton with Yume Kitchen serving up some beautifully fresh platters.

Cafes in Clifton

Clifton is packed with gorgeous independent cafes which means coffee hopping is highly encouraged.

Primrose cafe has stood for over 25 years and is one of Cliftons best known places to go. They proudly prep everything on site and offer breakfast, brunch and lunch as well as a secret rooftop garden, open all summer.

Not far from Primrose is East Village Cafe, offering only vegetarian and vegan options in a relaxed, scandi style setting. Go for the coffee and stay for the serene surroundings.

Clifton Pubs & Bars

Cocktail Culture is alive and well in Clifton with such highly regarded bars as HMSS and Hyde and Co providing classic drinks as well as quirky creations, such as cocktails served in a ceramic boot. Arguably you haven’t done Bristol or Clifton unless you’ve gone to the Coronation Tap (Corrie Tap to the locals). Hidden away, close to the Bridge, this pub has an old school vibe and a bar full of very potent ciders. Definitely something to experience first hand.

Finally for the best view of the bridge, you have to head to the White Lion Bar at the Avon Gorge hotel. Get there early though, it’ll fill up very quickly.

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