Hanover is that bit of Brighton that features on all the souvenirs from our picturesque seaside town, with its brightly coloured houses and sometimes cars to match, it really is a sight for sore eyes. The community’s claim to fame is when the BBC featured the unusually large cat population in its Cat Watch 2014 Series, sparking a very engaged Facebook group with over 2k members to form. How pawsome!

Its steep hill, tightly packed Victorian cottages and plethora of pubs are home to many of the city’s commuters, students and young families. The Hanoverians are a lovely little bunch with the Southover Street Community Centre at its core, used for events like the annual beer festival and as a polling station when election time hits. Caroline Lucas can usually be seen around the area spreading green party cheer or trying to save local historic boozers. From Elm Grove to Queens Park and back to The Level, this is a landscape of truly Brighton proportions.

Hanover Restaurants

For such a small enclave in Brighton, there are a couple of corkers that you just need to try. Pizza Me on Elm Grove is Brighton’s best-kept pizza secret. They make authentic pizzas from scratch in their little kiosk, using traditional ingredients but offering a modern twist. Fear not vegans, they’re all over the mock meats and cheeses, alongside the classic pizza toppings. Over at The Southover, The Sugar Shack dish up killer flatbreads, hot ‘n’ spicy pork balls and on Sunday’s there’s live Jazz accompanied with a slap up roast.

Cafes in Hanover

The Wild Cherry on Queens Park Road is an artisan foodie treasure trove. Dive right in and take a gander at the weekly specials all made with organic, natural ingredients. Sit in for a nutritious lunch or brekkie, or grab one if their super healthy juices and salads to go. There’s even a lovely little selection of unique gifts to buy and take home.

The Flourpot Bakery’s tempting wafts of freshly baked bread can be smelt from miles around. Every morning their bakers are up at the crack of dawn crafting pastries, sandwiches, artisan breads and other baked goods for the hoards of Hanover to devour.

Hanover Pubs & Bars

Because nearly all Hanover’s boozers congregate on one road, you’ve no excuse not to make it your mission to crawl your way from one end to the other in true brit style. Starting at the bottom you have The Geese, a quaint little number with hearty bangers and mash on offer and a fine array of real ales.

Directly opposite you have The Greys, a historic pub that’s hosted music from all over the world and serves tasty belgian beer, it may not be around for much longer though unless it’s community crowdfunder can pull through. Next stop is The Dover Castle, a traditional Victorian pub with a no frills policy, real beer and proper pub food. Bang tidy.

The Sir Charles Napier is an old boys tavern with bi-weekly folk nights and a real red post box in the garden, a little Brighton quirk for you. Last stop on the tour is The Southover, let’s just say it’s worth the trek and if you’ve done the pub crawl properly you won’t even notice that last 400 ft incline. Phew!

Top rated in Hanover